Tom the Gardener

I had a very funny moment last month. I was at the Home Depot garden centre debating between two yellow flowers for the front of my house. Since I face south, said plant has to be heat and drought tolerant. As I was musing over the two perennials a man appeared beside me and started offering information about both flowers. He said his name was Tom and he’d been a gardener for the Worden family. Tom was certainly knowledgeable and finally I decided to take both plants…one for the front and the other for the backyard. It wasn’t till I stood from my bending position that I realized Tom was a spirit….and I’d been talking to him out loud!! That realization hit me when I arose to find myself face-to-face with a woman on the other side of the plant rack. God knows how long she’d been watching me. Caught completely off guard I simply smiled, shook my head and walked away. What do you say???

The woman stayed focused on me till I disappeared back into the store…and I telepathically gave Tom a talking to. I don’t like it when spooks pull their vibration so low that I can’t tell they’re spooks. Normally I see a refresh rate vibration, similar to what you’d see on a computer. Or else it will look like heat waves off the pavement, but generally I’ll know. In this case I didn’t….and it sure gave us both a good chuckle.