To Stewie With Love

Once there was a beautiful little boy who adored, and was adored by, his mother. He was the light of her life and she was the standard by which he measured all others. They were connected by so much more than the mother/son bond. Theirs was a soul connection. She was as much a part of him as he was of her. There was no greater love.

The boy grew and matured. He flourished as a man and when the time came she loved him enough to set him free. She knew full well that when problems arose he would come back to her for love and support…. he did. She never failed him.

Then one day she was gone. Snatched away without notice, or warning or good-byes. The sorrow that overtook him was more than he could bear. He pushed it down…afraid that if he acknowledged it…it would swallow him whole. The light that shone so brightly from this beautiful soul dimmed. The weight of unshed tears cast a shadow that fell long and wide. He had to be strong. A strong man doesn’t cry. A strong man doesn’t show weakness. He had to be a rock for everyone else. They needed him ……..but he needed her.

Inside every strong man there is a small boy who needs his mother. He needs her to kiss it better, to make the pain go away. If she’s not here then who will do it? Who will share his greatest joys, his deepest sorrow?  Who will still love him and be proud of him when no one else will?

In this lifetime you will have many relationships, some lasting and some fleeting……but there will never be another like the one you have with your mother.

Although she can’t be with you, physically, she will always be a part of you; in your heart, your soul, and your memories; and in the faces and laughter of your children. She gave you so much more than life with everything she ever taught you. Honour her by honouring your own feelings for her. You love her and you miss her. And when the dam breaks she will be there. She will hold you and stroke your hair. She will comfort you as she has so many times before. She will kiss it better. And when the tears stop flowing and you venture from your shell she will be watching and smiling….for the boy has now truly become a man.

Grief is a process that no one escapes. There are no short cuts. You must look it squarely in the eye, acknowledge it, bow down to it and rise up from it. Whether the dam breaks now or months or years down the road….the end result will be the same. You will always miss her physical presence, her touch, her smell, her sense of humour……but she will always be there. And she will always love her little boy.