Susan’s Story

Over the years I’ve had many clients walk through my front door ‘knowing’ their Mom,Dad or other cherished loved one would be waiting to talk them……only to leave disappointed. I have no solid explanation for why that happens. The best I can say is, “Maybe it’s not time yet.” While this doesn’t offer much solace to ease a heavy heart….it is the truth based on my experience.

About a year and a half ago a woman named Susan attended a seminar at my home, then later came back for a private session. It was her highest hope that her husband would come through. He didn’t…..on either occasion.

Just two weeks ago I was approached, in the middle of the night, by a male spirit. He told me he was Susan’s husband and asked that I give her a message. He said, “Tell her I love her and I’m still with her.” Now for me that would have been too general of a message to pass along by itself. After all, it doesn’t take a medium to tell you your husband loves you and is still with you. That’s a given. However, the fact that he also gave me his first name was the validating piece that proved to Susan that I had received a genuine communication.

When I telephoned Susan with the message she was ecstatic. Apparently she’d been ‘talking’ to him for the past week, asking him to please be okay with the changes she was making in her life. Obviously Derek felt the need to reassure his wife that her earthly decisions didn’t change how he felt about her. What a wonderfully unexpected gift!

More recently another male spirit appeared to me with a message for his daughter. I’d done a reading with Caroline almost a year ago, and though several spirits came through on her behalf, her Dad wasn’t one of them. One morning I was driving on the highway when the spirit of Wayne showed up in my van. He introduced himself and the friend he’d brought along. He shared that he had died in his truck and then told me what he wanted Caroline to know. When I gave her the details she burst into tears, as the message was pertinent to what was currently happening in her life.

Our loved one’s on the other side are always aware of what’s going on in our lives, whether they feel the need to immediately reach out or not. So when you seek a spirit communication that doesn’t happen, don’t be disappointed. Assume that everything in your life is as it should be, at least from a spiritual perspective. Because when it’s necessary, they will find a way to reach out to you.