Spirit Guides

We all have spirit guides. In fact, I have two that I’m aware of. Tecu appeared in my bedroom on the morning of August 15, 2004 and scared the living wits out of me, but I’ll tell that whole story another time. My other guide, White Feather, showed up some time later without any fanfare. Truthfully, I named White Feather. He was wearing native regalia which included a feather headdress and it had a single white feather sticking up at the top…..hence his name, which I thought was extremely appropriate. Though I’m aware of their presence and am sometimes blatantly aware of their interventions in my life, even when they’re not physically present I presume they’re around. I trust that they’re looking out for me. And you also should trust that you have spirit guides looking out for you. While it’s fun to know their identities……it’s not crucial. They know who they are and you can call them whatever you want and they’ll know you’re referring to them. The soul in its purest form is neither male nor female….it’s simply a question of how do they choose to manifest.

I have a funny guide story I like to share to make the point. A woman came for a session and asked about her spirit guide. I was in the process of saying I don’t like to deal with them because it’s too subjective. I could tell you Santa Claus is your spirit guide, but if you can’t validate it then how do you know I’m telling the truth? That’s why I like to stick with earth based souls. You know who your family members are and can track down info for validation. Anyway, as I was bowing out of the spirit guide coversation he showed up! I offered a description and the woman wanted to know his name and origin. That’s when her guide gave me the most incrdible lesson. He very sarcastically stated, “I don’t care if she calls me Mud!” Jokingly, I said, “You don’t like your job much, do you? Is this a volunteer position or are you being punished for something?” Mud ignored me and said, “I don’t know what it is with you human beings. You get so hung up on identity! What you don’t realize is that if you have not yet been, you will be, by the end of your earth life cycles, both male and female. You will be every race, colour and creed and you will have experienced every conceivable life event.”

In a few short words Mud made clear the reincarnation cycle. The life we are now living is but one of many…..and the lesson I took from it was……be as kind to humankind as you can during this incarnation…..for in your next one it might be you needing an act of compassion and kindness. Though Mud wasn’t the most genial soul I’ve encountered he certainly gave me something to think about.