Linda’s Experiences With Marlene

Have you ever seen the movie Ghost? It’s my all time favourite. I simply never tire of it. My favourite scene occurs near the end, when Sam and Oda Mae Brown are in Molly’s apartment waiting for the police to arrive. Sam says to an unhearing Molly, “I’d give anything to be able to touch you one more time.” That scene always makes me cry as it reminds me of my time with Marlene. We ┬áhad a rather unique method of channeling. She was able to weave some of the strands of her essence through my spinal column, so that she could use my sense of touch. In essence, my upper body was like a coat, and when she slipped her arms into my sleeves, she took over my sense of touch. Therefore, when I touched her son, she felt it, not me.(I know. I sound like a freak. I felt like a freak, at times. Yet, the love and gratitude I felt after each event, was incredible.)

Once, Marlene asked to trace the outline of her son’s beautiful face, as though she were blind. I cringed, because it’s something I wasn’t comfortable doing and I thought Stewart would think me a lunatic when I told him about it. Surprisingly, he agreed. On the appointed night, we sat in my van and faced each other. I rubbed my hands together to warm them up and centre my energy. When I placed them on his face, I had complete sensory! Marlene didn’t take over. Puzzled, I drew my hands away and said, “Give me a minute.” I closed my eyes and telepathically said, “Okay Mar, it’s now or never. If you want to do this, now is the time.” I rubbed my palms together again and re-placed them on Stewart’s face. This time Marlene was ready. I could feel myself trembling as she gently traced the outline of his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, and ran her fingers through his hair. For ten minutes Stewart sat patiently, and gave his Mom access to heaven on earth. Marlene’s excitement at being able to touch her son again, was, and still is, indescribable. For two nights I listened as she went over every nanosecond of it, as if I hadn’t been there. It’s something I’ll never forget.

The complete story about my journey with Marlene and Stewart will be available by the middle of July. It’s my first book, titled, A Soul Comes Home.