Monthly Archives: March 2013

Spirit Guides

We all have spirit guides. In fact, I have two that I’m aware of. Tecu appeared in my bedroom on the morning of August 15, 2004 and scared the living wits out of me, but I’ll tell that whole story another time. My other guide, White Feather, showed up some time later without any fanfare. […]

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Oracle Readings

New Service!!! Would you like to know what’s coming up for you? Are you more interested in getting your current life questions answered than connecting with those in spirit? If that’s the case, I am now offering Oracle Card readings. A thirty minute session is $70. To book your time call 905-987-1889. Do you want […]

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Linda’s Experiences With Marlene

Have you ever seen the movie Ghost? It’s my all time favourite. I simply never tire of it. My favourite scene occurs near the end, when Sam and Oda Mae Brown are in Molly’s apartment waiting for the police to arrive. Sam says to an unhearing Molly, “I’d give anything to be able to touch […]

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