Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tom the Gardener

I had a very funny moment last month. I was at the Home Depot garden centre debating between two yellow flowers for the front of my house. Since I face south, said plant has to be heat and drought tolerant. As I was musing over the two perennials a man appeared beside me and started […]

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A Soul Comes Home

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See more information! Visit our News & Events Page to see what’s happening in our community. A Soul Comes Home is now available at! Or, you can purchase it at one of the following stores: As a Kindle E-Book at Odyssey Books, Kingston Rd., Ajax Violet Door Books, Church St., Bowmanville Chapters in […]

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Mysterious Ways

I used to think that only God worked in mysterious ways, but in the past few years I’ve learned that Marlene does too…..and she’s at it again. On Monday evening I was relaxing in front of the television enjoying a glass of wine, when I was interrupted by the telephone. I picked it up and […]

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