Building Bridges

Would you like to re-connect with a loved one that has crossed over? I can help. When I open up to the other side it's as if a bridge has been built for your loved one's to return for a time. Sometimes the reunions are funny, warm and light-hearted, which I refer to as proof of life sessions.

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Linda Ouellet | Spiritual Medium

I haven't always been a medium, but I have always heard voices. Throughout my childhood I assumed that if I could hear them, then so could everyone else. It wasn't a big deal. Then I got to junior high and found out otherwise. It became my dirty little secret. Throughout much of my early adult life I secretly wondered if I was borderline schizophrenic.

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Books & Sessions

Visit our Products and Services section to order 'A Soul Comes Home' by Linda Ouellet, or to book Individual and Group Sessions, Card Reading, and Spirit Clearing.

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News & Events

London Seminar
Thursday, May 30th 7:00 PM
Would you like to know what's coming up for you? Are you more interested in getting your current life questions answered than connecting with those in spirit?

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